Community Engagement

Working with our community, who are the users of the reserve, is integral to our work.

We see community engagement as a key tool to help us develop a well-researched and robust Land Management Plan that addresses the needs of both the community and stakeholders and ensures the reserve meets existing and future needs.

Your feedback and ideas will help guide us and provide input into how the reserve looks and is utilised in the future.

Phases of Engagement

Community members will have various opportunities to participate in our engagement activities and provide their feedback over the course of the project.

In August 2019, we asked the community for their ideas about the issues and opportunities that exist for the future use and development of the land.

The key themes that were identified and discussed through our community engagement were:

  • Access and movement
  • Recreational opportunities
  • Events, culture and community activities
  • Site, operational and environmental issues
  • Other issues

As well as holding a workshop, an online survey was also developed to gather information from community members who could not attend the workshop.

The feedback and ideas that we heard will help inform our Issues and Opportunities Paper, which will be released for public consultation in late November.

The paper will provide a summary of the key ideas, issues and opportunities for the reserve, including how the land can be maximised for the community’s needs and use. It will inform the development of the Land Management Plan.

If you would like to be kept informed of the project, and participate in the future of the reserve, please join our mailing list.