Community Engagement

Working with our community, who are the users of the Reserve, is integral to our work.

We see community engagement as a key tool to help us develop a well-researched and robust Land Management Plan that addresses the needs of both the community and stakeholders and ensures the Reserve meets existing and future needs.

Your feedback and ideas will help guide us and provide input into how the Reserve looks and is utilised in the future.



Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we unfortunately had to cancel our Community Information Session, which was scheduled for Tuesday 24th March.

To ensure that we can remain connected to our stakeholders and community, and provide an update on where we are at in the development of the Land Management Plan, we have put together a short video with the Trust’s Chairperson, Mr Sam Almaliki.

Please note that the Reserve remains open as usual during this time. Our office is currently closed, however our staff are working and can be contacted at



Key points:

  • We are on track to deliver a draft Land Management Plan by June 30.
  • There will be an opportunity to provide feedback on the plan.
  • The final Land Management Plan is due to be released in September.
  • Moving forward, the Trust will continue to utilise digital channels and platforms to continue engaging with our community as we progress with the Land Management Plan.



In 2019, we asked the community to help us identify the issues and opportunities for the Reserve. These insights have been a vital component in developing the Issues and Opportunities Paper.


The community and stakeholder engagement program included the following:

Phase 1

  • Establishment and meetings with two Project Advisory Groups (Civic and Corporate and Community)

Phase 2

  • Project Advisory Group meetings
  • Community Workshop
  • Online Survey

Phase 3

  • Public Consultation of Draft Issues and Opportunities Paper


A total of 304 contributions have been made via our community engagement to date. Feedback received in Phases 1 and 2 was collated and summarised into the below five themes in the Paper:

  • Environment
  • Culture, community and events
  • Open space and recreation
  • Access and movement
  • Management


The Draft Paper was developed based on the above themes and exhibited for additional feedback, which has been incorporated in the final paper. The key messages from our community engagement are included under the ‘What We Heard’ section for each theme.

The paper is an important step towards realising the future potential of the Reserve and will inform the development of a ten-year Land Management Plan (LMP).

Thank you to everyone who has participated in our community engagement activities to date and contributed their thoughts and ideas for the future of the Reserve.

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We are now focused on drafting the LMP, which will take into consideration the key issues and opportunities that have been identified, as well as draw on background reports and studies, and commission further studies where appropriate, to inform the plan.

As part of this stage, there will be further community consultation and an opportunity to provide your feedback. We anticipate the draft LMP will be released and available for public comment in mid-2020.