Was MRC required to “make good” on the areas they previously used for horse training?

Response from MRC:

  • The MRC fulfilled all make-good obligations on land handed back to the CRRT.
  • When the current Trust was installed, the make-good arrangements were agreed at that time as part of the lease and signed off by the current Trust.
  • The make-good arrangements included removal of all training fences in the middle of the Reserve to create a more expansive parcel of land in the centre of the Reserve.
  • In addition, the MRC exceeded its make good obligations on the following;
    • Handed back 15 hectares of land, two years early, by exiting training and paying $1m compensation to trainers to facilitate this at the request of the Trust.
    • Removed unsafe and undulating training tracks in centre reserve and replaced with flat grassed area for community to enjoy which was not part of any make-good arrangement. This cost $300,000.