Issues and Opportunities Workshop

The Trust welcomed more than 80 community members to share their views and ideas about the future of the Reserve at a Community Issues and Opportunities Workshop.

We heard a number of frequently asked questions on the night and responses to these are below:

Who has ownership and management of the Reserve?

The Reserve is Crown Land which must serve the purposes of racing, recreation and a public park as set out in the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve Act (2017).

The Caulfield Racecourse Reserve Trust is an independent body appointed by the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate change to manage the Reserve on behalf of the State Government. The current Trust came into effect on August 1, 2018.

Melbourne Racing Club is responsible for the development, maintenance and insurance of the leasehold land and has exclusive use of the leasehold land but must maintain access to the centre of the Reserve for the public.

The MRC currently holds a long-term lease for racing at the Reserve, which is divided in two phases. The first phases extends to November 2023, after which horse training will be relocated and the second phase commences, which will run until the end of the lease.

What role does the Trust play in the future of the Reserve?

The Trust was created under the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve Act 2017 and is responsible for the planning, development, management, operation, care, promotion and use of the Reserve for the purposes of racing, recreation and a public park.

Part of the Trust’s obligations include preparing a Land Management Plan for the Reserve, which includes setting strategic objectives, directions and a long-term plan for the Reserve. The Trust will oversee the development and implementation of the plan over a ten-year timeframe. Beyond this timeframe, the Trust will continue to be responsible for the management of the Reserve.

What are the arrangements for the car parking license?

The Melbourne Racing Club also holds a licence to use a small area in the centre of the Reserve to provide access for car parking in support of the events that it runs.

On non-race days, the MRC will have access to car parking space for 500 cars within the licence area. The whole licence area will support approximately 1,250 parking bays which will be required for up to 12 days a year as well as Monash University exam days.  This area constitutes less than 11% of overall land available in the centre of the track.

Can tall buildings or trees be located on the interior of the Reserve?

The entirety of the racetrack needs to be seen from the grandstand at all times for races. This sightline cannot be obstructed by anything in the interior of the Reserve aside from the existing big screen. Site permeability is also a priority for the Reserve.

Will there be residential development at the Reserve?

There will not be any residential development within the Crown land at the Reserve. The Trust (and the ten-year Land Management Plan that it develops) does not have any authority to dictate what occurs in the precinct surrounding the Reserve.

When is the Reserve not open to the public?

The Reserve is currently open to the public during daylight hours (from 9:45am to sunset) on all days of the year except for 23 racing days and ancillary events days.

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