Racecourse re-opening 1 August

From Tuesday 1 August all access gates to the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve will be re-opened to the public. These gates have been closed during the construction of the new racetrack and we thank the community for their patience as these works are nearing completion.

In addition to the two tunnel entrances to the Reserve, the access gates located at the eastern end of the Guineas Car Park, on Queens Avenue and Glen Huntly Park will be open from sunrise to sunset.

There are some areas that are currently being levelled and reseeded and hopefully with some good weather they will be healthy and green in the coming weeks. Some areas will need time to recuperate and regenerate so please help us by staying off these areas in the short term.

Maintenance vehicles are regularly on the racetracks so be careful when you are in these areas and note that parts of the track may be closed and inaccessible when heavy machinery is in use and maintenance is required.

As the new inside track is still in an early growth stage, dedicated crossings points will be put in place to guide users to the centre of the Reserve. Please help us keep the racetracks in safe condition and remember that golf is not permitted anywhere within the Reserve.

As per previous operations, public access to the Reserve will be closed on declared MRC race days. Upcoming race day information will be provided at the entrance gates and on the CRRT website.

Thank you for your patience over the past year as these construction works have been carried out and we look forward to seeing you at the Reserve.

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