Request for Proposal closing soon – Seeking Partners to activate and develop the Reserve

It is an exciting time at Caulfield Racecourse Reserve, with the relocation of horse training two years earlier than planned and initial works to enhance the racing experience underway.

The Land Management Plan (LMP) 2020-2035 sets a bold vision for the Reserve, outlining how the Reserve can be developed and managed into the future.  To bring this plan to life, the Trust in February announced that it was commencing a request for proposal process to find partners with whom we can activate, develop and manage the Reserve with into the future.

The Caulfield Racecourse Reserve Trust (CRRT) invites partners to help shape the next phase of development of the Reserve, consistent with its three purposes being, racing, recreation, and a public park. This is an exciting and pivotal moment in realising the full potential of the Reserve in collaboration and in partnership.

Partners are encouraged to provide a detailed and ambitious proposal for partnership to help deliver on the vision and goals outlined in the Land Management Plan 2021.

The early discussions and submissions received have been quite positive with Community groups exploring how they can collaborate and work with the Trust, alongside sporting groups and sporting associations imagining themselves at the Reserve.  There is also interest from commercial and the not for profit sectors in partnering with the Trust into the future to bring the vision to life as a palce for everyone.

If you are interested in collaborating and partnering in the activation, development and management of the Reserve for future generations, please ensure you have your proposal in by the 24th of June 2022.

This opportunity to partner with the CRRT is an exciting opportunity towards achieving historical change, an opportunity not seen in 150 years at the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve. If you have not already provided a response to the Request for Proposal, the Trust invites your most ambitious and robust proposal, one that will contribute to the transformation of the Reserve and support the Business Case in delivering the LMP.

The Request for proposal is in three themes at this time including:

All questions and proposals are to be submitted to

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