Upcoming vehicle access changes

The Caulfield Racecourse Reserve Trust is implementing new traffic management infrastructure to improve pedestrian and public safety, as well as protect the flora and fauna within the Reserve. This infrastructure will be introduced from Monday 29 May to ensure public vehicles are contained to the designated access and parking area within the Reserve.

The asphalt carpark located adjacent to the Northern Lake and toilet block will remain the designated public parking area within the Reserve. The carpark provides direct access for dog walking, Northern Lake, BBQ facilities, toilets and paved footpaths to the eastern side of the lake.

More parts of the Reserve will progressively re-open to the public as construction of the new racetracks near completion and we look forward to more people using the Reserve. As these areas open up and more people return, we are committed to ensuring we are providing safe places for people to access, explore and exercise within the Reserve. We are also committed to ensure the reserve is fully remediated and protected from damage by vehicles.  While we understand the new traffic management may change how some people currently access the Reserve, these changes are important to providing a place for everyone.

Below is a map of the new traffic management infrastructure.





Can I still access the eastern parts of the Reserve?

All areas of the Reserve remain open to the public, only vehicle access is changing to improve pedestrian and public safety and ensure the flora and fauna across the reserve is remediated and enhanced.

What if I want to walk my dog at the soccer field or eastern side of the lake?

A dog area is located directly adjacent to the public park. All other areas of the park are accessible from the car park. Additional signage is being introduced to help inform users of the designated areas.

Is there enough parking available?

Yes, there are plenty of spaces in the public carpark opposite the lake.

Will parking still be available for the market and events?

Yes, parts of the Reserve will continue to be used for event parking when there is dedicated traffic controllers on site.

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