Project Advisory Groups

The Trust has established two Project Advisory Groups – a Civic and Corporate Group and a Community Group.

These groups serve as representatives of key stakeholders whose role is to provide input, direction and feedback into the project at key stages.

Who are the PAG members?

Civic and Corporate Project Advisory Group

  • City of Glen Eira
  • City of Stonington
  • Melbourne Racing Club
  • Monash University
  • Sport and Recreation Victoria

Community Project Advisory Group

  • Glen Eira Residents Association
  • Vic Sport
  • Glen Eira College
  • Malvern East Group
  • Glen Eira Environment Group

How are we engaging with the PAG Members?

Regular meetings are held between the Trust and Project Advisory Groups to capture the issues, opportunities and feedback that is important to each organisation, and to seek their input and experience of the reserve as the project progresses.