Strategic Management Plan

The Strategic Management Plan provides the long-term vision for the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve. It will guide the future development of the Reserve as a premium space for racing, recreation and parkland. 


Strategic Management Plan Vision 

The Caulfield Racecourse Reserve is a centre for community life. It is a recreation, park and events destination of State significance. It is also one of the premier thoroughbred racing venues in Australia. It is an accessible, vibrant, flexible and inclusive space within the broader Caulfield precinct.  


The Strategic Management Plan (SMP) builds on and replaces the previous Land Management Plan which was completed in 2021. The updated plan addresses a number of key areas, including:  

  • the addition of the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve to the Victorian Heritage Register  
  • providing more cost-effective infrastructure solutions, and 
  • a greater emphasis on sustainability and environmental outcomes 


Strategic Management Plan documents 

The Strategic Management Plan Overview Map provides a wholistic view of the precincts, key infrastructure and facilities, and access. 

The Strategic Management Plan defines the precincts, principles and key initiatives that make up the long-term vision of the Reserve.

What’s new and changed in the SMP: while the SMP maintains the same principles as the previous version, there are some key changes that are outlined in the What’s new and changed document. These changes are critical to ensuring the SMP provides a practical and achievable vision that also responds to the needs and values of the community. 

Make a submission 

All members of the community, including organisations, are welcome to provide feedback and/or make a submission on the new Strategic Management Plan. Submissions can be emailed to by Wednesday 4 October with Strategic Management Plan as the subject title. 


Submissions, comments and personal information collected as part of the draft Strategic Management Plan consultation may be made publicly available.

Caulfield Racecourse Reserve Trust collects and uses any personal information provided for the intended purpose only and this information is only accessed by persons authorised to do so. Personal information is dealt with in accordance with the National Privacy Principles